Fly Like An Eagle!

Most, if not all, would agree that “we are the company we keep”. Those we associate with, become a part of our “environment”. Although we inherit our DNA from our (biological) parents, the people we hang around with, also contribute to our nurturing. As aspiring entrepreneurs, we must become willing to avoid and/or disassociate from those who are not “like-minded”.

Thomas “Tom” Corley, in CNBC’s “Make It” blog, shared the results of his 5 year research on the money-management behaviors of 233 “wealthy individuals”. Some of their habits may surprise you. Of course, Corley’s results, support those of previous “studies” on building and (most-importantly) keeping wealth. This is the link to Corley’s article:

REMEMBER: In order to soar like an eagle, you may have to avoid hanging around birds that cannot (or will never) fly!

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