Black History Month: Pan-Africanism and the Connecting of the Steel Drum/Steelpan to Black History

Most people with a basic knowledge of the history of the steel drum/steelpan/pan, have no difficulty in connecting the percussive instrument to its Trinidad origins. However, few are able to make the connection between the instrument and “Black History”. Arguably, not many are aware of steelpan’s Western African (Yoruba) roots. In celebration and honor of…

Monday’s Motivation…

“[A]s you start a new “work week”, remind yourself of your own hardened value. Life placed you under pressure, and continues to do so, in order to increase your net worth! Of course, even in your “coal” stage, you were worth something, because ALL the elements of your value, were there all along; hidden in their chemical structure, and in wait for the pressures of life to incubate them, and convert you to the bright, glittering gem that you ALWAYS were!” (Click on the Title to read more!)

The Story Of “The Gorilla In The Cage”.

“Your business is your “baby”. In your “first trimester”, you are experiencing morning sickness, from a “life” that you cannot (yet) see. You experience “mood swings”; happy one moment, and “cranky” the next. You cry more often than normal, and, sometimes, you are (quite frankly) an emotional wreck. You have your “good days” and your “bad days”, and that’s okay. In your “final semester”, the pain of “contractions” are anticipated with excitement more than fear, because you KNOW what you are about to deliver!”
George D. Goddard, B.A.
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The “VAD System” and How To “Free Fall” To Success.

“Once the VAD System becomes a part of you, the “free falling” part gets easier. Momentum picks up, as if pulled by gravitational forces. You begin to trust the process, because you cannot fight it. Success is going to slap you in the face, whether you like it or not. And, it is going to hit you like a ton of bricks!” Click on the title to read more!

Women In Pan: The Unsung Sheroes – MONA GODDARD.

It is absolutely fitting that Women’s History Month would culminate (climax) on my mom’s “Earth Arrival Day”. As the wife of steelband’s most iconic union leader, she may never have played pan or even cared about playing pan, but she made it possible for my dad to make history! George “Sonny” Goddard was because of…

Women In Pan: Sandra L. Blood – A Pioneer “Woman On De Bass”! by George D. Goddard

As we come to the end of my birth month, March Madness college basketball and (last but not least) Women’s History Month, I would like to highlight the first female bass pan player that I ever saw “up close”, Ms. Sandra L. Blood. Sandra also happens to be my first cousin, Pelham Goddard’s cousin, and…

Cultural farewell for Singing Sandra on Wednesday RISE IN PARADISE, SINGING SANDRA!!! As we celebrate Black History Month across the United States, it is important that the contributions of Blacks in the Diaspora be given attention, as calypso was once the “hip-hop” of America’s music industry. (Search: Rum and Coca-Cola.) Singing Sandra was one of those unique voices in a subculture…


The link below, redirects to one of my earlier Facebook notes. People tend to “hear”, and wait for “soundbites”, or the chance to “butt in” and intercept your conversation before listening to the entirety of your points. Many can’t wait for you to finish speaking, and when they “respond”, their input often has nothing to…

Forbes Agency Council: Can A Small Business Market Itself For Free? Here Are 13 Creative Tactics To Consider.

Social media is the obvious free marketing solution for many small businesses, but you can up your game by offering more than goodwill or self-promotion. Webinars, how-to videos, infographics and white papers are all great ways to offer value to potential customers and display your knowledge. Focus on educating your customers to deliver a soft sell that positions you as the expert. – Hannah Trivette, NUVEW Web Solutions
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