Monday’s Motivation…

REMEMBER: Without extreme pressure and numerous cuts, a diamond would have remained a piece of coal. Be that forever diamond!!!

Sometimes, we tend to ignore the value of tough life lessons. Naturally, we expect everything to turn out the way we would like. But, life is not as generous in granting wishes based on our own deadlines. Success, does not expose itself, until a process of passing thorough proverbial fires and emerging like the Phoenix out of its fiery pyre , occurs.

In our business lives, as in our private lives, we must develop the spiritual, psychological and physical power, in order to overcome the numerous challenges and obstacles that fall upon us. Most of them, if not all, are beyond our control, however, neither of them have control over how we internalize them as they pop up. And, most importantly, we must be able to learn from those challenging moments; to be able to carry the lessons learnt with us, as we anticipate the next challenge or obstacle, but this time with more information (data or knowledge) than one had prior to the last challenge.

One of the keys to successfully progressing from “lesson to lesson”, is to have no emotional attachment to any of them. I know, as “feeling” human beings, that may seem to be a tall order, however, that is the only way to stop dwelling in the past and feeling sorry for yourself. I refer to those lessons for intellectual purposes only; to assist me in my decision-making during current challenges and in planning for upcoming challenges. Every lesson, in all actuality, either hardens or cracks their subjects. Coal that survives the pressure of the earth crust, metamorphosizes into the hardest naturally-occurring substance on Earth!

So, as you start a new “work week”, remind yourself of your own hardened value. Life placed you under pressure, and continues to do so, in order to increase your net worth! Of course, even in your “coal” stage, you were worth something, because ALL the elements of your value, were there all along; hidden in their chemical structure, and in wait for the pressures of life to incubate them, and convert you to the bright, glittering gem that you ALWAYS were! Shine on, radiant diamond!!! Have a great week!

George D. Goddard, B. A.

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