Women In Pan: The Unsung Sheroes – MONA GODDARD.

Mona in her early twenties.

It is absolutely fitting that Women’s History Month would culminate (climax) on my mom’s “Earth Arrival Day”. As the wife of steelband’s most iconic union leader, she may never have played pan or even cared about playing pan, but she made it possible for my dad to make history! George “Sonny” Goddard was because of her. Without her, our subculture and “national instrument” would not have seen their “Coming of Age” as early as the mid-1960s. Mommy…for you:

“A young mother grabs the old Klim pan filled with assorted wooden and plastic clothes pins, as she walks out of the small 6th floor apartment with young boy child in one hand. She walks pass the broken, taped-off elevator, and they make their way down the musty, dim lit U-shaped flight of stairs leading to the building’s back exit. She struggles to push the door open, and they head to the clothes line outside. It is already dark, as it is a week day, and her chores come after a long day at the bank where the money flows, but not into her tiny, tired hands.”

“She methodically hangs out her family’s clothes on whatever lines are available. When she is done, she grabs her young son, and they proceed up the flight of steps back up to the 6th floor. She is tired, but she knows that her husband and sons still need their shirts and trousers to be ironed for the next day. And so she proceeds to grab the starch, set up the ironing board and heat up the iron, while telling us to brush our teeth and to get ready for bed. A nation awards her husband, but even he knew who the real shero was.” George D Goddard, On Unsung Sheroes.

PHOTO: My mom (right) with my dad, as they are introduced to Queen Elizabeth II by Sir Solomon Hochoy in 1966.

Dancing with my Queen

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